PSD Researchers Among AMS 2017 Award Winners, New Fellows, and 2018 Lecturers

October 5, 2016

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The American Meteorological Society recently announced their 2017 Award Winners, New Fellows and 2018 Lecturers. Honorees include several researchers from the ESRL's Physical Sciences Division:

John Albers John Albers (CIRES): 2017 EDITOR’S AWARD, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, For outstanding effort to identify key criteria to be satisfied by a proposed manuscript and detailed comments that greatly improved it
Chris Fairall Chris Fairall: 2017 EDITOR’S AWARD, Journal of Physical Oceanography, For timely and insightful reviews of manuscripts on the science and technology of air-sea interaction and its measurement
Tom Hamill Tom Hamill: 2017 NEW FELLOW
George Kiladis George Kiladis: 2018 BERNHARD HAURWITZ MEMORIAL LECTURER, For influential observational studies of tropical-extratropical wave dynamics and leadership in the field of large-scale tropical meteorology
Judith Perlwitz Judith Perlwitz: 2017 NEW FELLOW

Congratulations all!