Bill Otto co-recipient of national award for contributions to health and
safety programs

group receiving award
Bill Otto (center) and the other council members at the award ceremony.

October 8, 2015

PSD's William (Bill) Otto is Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee for the Denver Field Federal Safety and Health Council (DFFSHC), which recently received a National Office Award from the U.S. Department of Labor for "Significant Contributions to Federal Safety and Health Programs." DFFSHC is an organization for all Denver federal employees to learn and collaborate on safety and health issues. The group award was presented at a ceremony on October 1, 2015, at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Denver Area Office.

Otto's career at NOAA spans 38 years and a variety of positions including NOAA Corps Officer. He is currently an administrative specialist at PSD, whose duties include that of safety officer. He was also a volunteer firefighter for 21 years and served the Chair of the Colorado Emergency Services Safety Committee for five years.