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Allen White and others receiving award
At the awards ceremony: Joe Intermill (NWS), Harold Opitz (NWS), Jane Lubchenco, Brent Bower (NWS), Allen White (OAR), David Brandon (NWS), Brad Colman (NWS), Mark Klein (NWS), Gary Carter (NWS), Laura Furjione (NWS Line Office Representative).
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Contact: Allen White

Water Cycle Branch Staff Members Receive 2011 DOC Bronze Medal

April 16, 2012

PSD scientists Marty Ralph and Allen White, along with a group from the National Weather Service, were awarded the 2011 Department of Commerce Bronze Medal "for comprehensive flood mitigation efforts in response to a severely weakened Howard Hansen Dam project with the potential of catastrophic flooding".

The following individuals were recognized for their contributions and were honored at a ceremony held on 1 May 2012, in the NOAA Auditorium in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Gary Carter
  • David Brandon
  • Brad Colman
  • Joe Lachasz
  • Brent Bower
  • F. Martin Ralph
  • Allen White
  • Mark Klein
  • Harold Opitz
  • Joe Intermil

A paper describing the concerted and collaborative effort put forth by NOAA in responding to this flood risk management crisis was recently published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (see the news item located on NOAA's Hydrometeorology Testbed web page).