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PSD Researchers Participate in International Conference on Ocean Observations


The Earth's oceans and their interactions with the atmosphere drive our global climate system. Comprehensive, accessible observations are key to better understanding this sytem and improving prediction capabilities. Ten years ago, an international conference called OceanObs'99 played a major role in consolidating plans for an ocean observing system able to deliver global information about the physical environment of the oceans. This year, the OceanObs'09 conference was convened in order to celebrate progress in implementing the existing initial ocean observing system, realize societal benefits from it and highlight its potential. Attendees also worked on developing a process for building consensus for sustaining and evolving systematic and routine global ocean observations over the next 10 years in support of societal benefits. Three PSD researchers were a part of this important conference held 21-25 September 2009, in Venice, Italy. Randy Dole presented research on "Atmospheric reanalyses: A major resource for ocean product development and modeling"; Marty Hoerling gave an invited talk on the topic of drought attribution to ocean conditions; and Chris Fairall was a lead author of a white paper entitled "Observations to Quantify Air-Sea Fluxes and Their Role in Climate Variability and Predictability."

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