International Climate Variability and Predictability Meeting

September 13, 2007

Researcher Martin Hoerling, of the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, will participate in the 15th Session of the International Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Scientific Steering Group Meeting, 11-14 September, in Geneva, Switzerland. As Chairman of U.S. CLIVAR, he will be discussing the foci for research priorities identified by U.S. CLIVAR committees, will seek to engage the international community in these activities, and will discuss opportunities for establishing a legacy of CLIVAR science come its sunset by 2013.

CLIVAR is the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) project, coordinated under the World Meteorological Organization, that addresses Climate Variability and Predictability with a particular focus on the role of ocean-atmosphere interactions in climate. It works closely with its companion WCRP projects on issues such as the role of the land surface, snow and ice and the role of stratospheric processes in climate.

Many of CLIVAR's objectives, such as describing and understanding the physical processes responsible for climate variability and predictability on different time-scales; extending the range and accuracy of seasonal to interannual climate prediction through the development of global coupled predictive models; and understanding and predicting the response of the climate system to increases of radiatively active gases, closely match NOAA goals and objectives. Understanding climate is of tremendous economic and social importance worldwide. Focused international collaborations to better understand climate variability and change will lead to better forecast models, more skilled predictions, and improved detection and monitoring of changes in our climate system.

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