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link to article A New West Coast 'Picket Fence' of Observations – This month PSD engineers install final station in monitoring network (07/26/2016)
link to article Climate Change's Likely Role in Kidney Disease Epidemics – Global warming will likely exacerbate these epidemics seen recently in hot, rural regions of the world (05/19/2016)
link to article Collecting observations in the Southern Ocean aboard new Australian ship – PSD helps expand sparse database of measurements in this remote region (04/22/2016)
link to article Researchers ride atmospheric river to help improve forecasts – El Niño-driven atmospheric river brings much needed rain to the American west coast (03/11/2016)
link to article Gijs de Boer receives Presidential honor
PSD scientist works on remote sensing of environmental changes (02/18/2016)
link to article Unprecedented effort launched to discover how El Niño affects weather
Pacific research goal is to improve accuracy of weather forecasts and models (02/05/2016)
link to article Warming Ocean May Bring Major Changes for US Northeast Fishery Species
NOAA Fisheries and PSD scientists collaborate on vulnerability assessment (02/03/2016)
Secretary of Commerce Bryson Briefed on PSD's Role in Water Cycle Science (11/18/11)
NOAA study: Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts (10/27/11)
De-Zheng Sun interviewed by Eos on "Climate Dynamics: Why Does Climate Vary?" (09/12/11)
NIDIS and partners develop decision-support document for farmers in southeast U.S. (09/06/11)
ESRL participates in DYNAMO experiment to better understand global climate (08/23/11)
New Eos article highlights advances in atmospheric river science & applications (08/19/11)
The Wind Forecast Improvement Project Begins (07/18/11)
WHOTS 2011 Research Cruise (07/15/11)
Study suggests changes to Indian Monsoon may increase societal impacts by late 21st century (06/30/11)
Study begins at BAO to characterize vertical gradients of aerosol concentration (06/21/11)
PSD's Scott Woodruff interviewed about ICOADS for article about 'OldWeather.org' – Read the article on onearth.org (06/10/11)
Cécile Penland featured on Web Site showcasing Mathematical Achievements by Women (06/06/11)
Joint Project to Measure Soil Properties Across California (05/20/11)
Climate Attribution Team Investigates Tornado Outbreak – Read about it on Climate.Gov (05/05/11)
Cloud Study begins with Severe Weather over Oklahoma (04/29/11)
PSD Researchers Receive CIRES Outstanding Performance Award
Gil Compo & colleagues publish "Climate Time Machine" article outlining atmospheric dataset going back to 1871 (01/26/11)
NOAA to lead Winter Storms & Pacific Atmospheric Rivers (WISPAR) Experiment (01/20/11)
Researchers & Students to Set up Monitoring System at AMS Annual Meeting (01/11/11)
Series of Atmospheric Rivers Strike West Coast: Forecasters and Researchers Focus on Flood-Producing Storms (01/07/11)