MJO (Madden Julian Oscillation)

Links to other MJO Resources: Tutorials and Monitoring

An All-season Real-time Multivariate MJO Index Forecast and monitoring plots of the MJO that utilize and empirically derived structure of the MJO based on historic data.
Adrian Matthews MJO pageA very complete page with MJO description, current research topics, illustrations and animations from Adrian Matthews at the University of East Anglia.
MJO monitoring page
Includes various plots of the current status of the 30-60 day oscillation including OLR anomalies, geopotential height and other animations and satellite photos. Also includes a very nice FAQ on the oscillation mechanism and evolution and it's relationship to other climate processes. They also have a MJO daily index.
U of Wyoming MJO tutorial.A tutorial on the MJO with schematics, a brief history and a bibliography on the phenomenon.
NOAA/ESRL PSD spotlight articleMJO tutorial.The MJO and it's affect on the onset of an El Niño event.

Interactive data plotting and general weather/climate monitoring pages.

PSD maproom
Includes maps of many variables for many different variables and time scales. Includes links to MJO Composites along with many other climate/weather variables.

Interactive MJO composites
Choose MJO to get list of high/low MJO activity days. Use these days on the page daily compoaise page to obtain composites for different variables.

Time Section Plots
Plots time/latitude and time/longitude plots of NCEP reanalysis and operational data. Plots means and anomalies.

Plots daily data
Plots maps or crossections of daily and daily averaged data. Includes anomalues, means and climos. Inlludes OLR