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Vertical Profile
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Vertical Profiles of Reanalysis Datasets

Select a date, location and a dataset. You can choose from vertical profiles, vertical transects and height by time plots. For profiles, you will also get a table of the atmospheric variables for that date or range of dates. Please send feedback! The page is beta and there are some caveats.
  • The ERA-interim data was plotting geopotential and not geopotential height for skew-Ts. This has been fixed (11/10/2016).
  • The wind direction on the plots has been correct. But the wind direction in the ASCII files was incorrect. This has been fixed (11/10/2016).

Data Availability
  • R1 Reanalysis data are available from Jan 1, 1948 through Sep 18, 2017
  • 20th Century Reanalysis available from Jan 1, 1851 to Dec 31 2014
  • ERA-Interim available from Jan 1, 1979 to Mar 31 2016 (Vertical transects and TimeXHeight plots only)

Plot Type:   Vertical Profile(s)     Skew T     Vertical Transect     Height by Time

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Reanalysis Dataset:   NCEP/NCAR R1 Reanalysis 20CR 20CRV2c ERA-Interim  
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For multiple profiles or time by height plots enter last date of range.
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For a transect along a line, enter 2nd lat/lon value.
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Additional Notes

  • Reanalysis: 20CR and R1 have different pressure levels available. The R1 is on a 2.5 grid while the 20CR is on a ~2x~2 grid.
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