Regional Processes and Transports

Linking Arctic Observations with Regional Predictability/Predictions

Research Group Regional Predictions

This envisioned working group will support the World Weather Research Program's (WWRP) Polar Prediction Project (WWRP-PPP) through coordinating the observational resources available through the IASOA observatories.

The first objective of the IASOA Regional Prediction working group will be the preparation of synthesized datasets to support WWRP Polar Prediction Project objectives.

The Arctic Research Collaboration for Radiosonde Observing System Experiment (ARCROSE) is intended as a pilot study, combining intensified radiosonde observations at 3 central Arctic sites (NyÅlesund, Tiksi, and the RV Mirai placed at 77.5N, 173W) during a 4-week campaign period in September 2013.

Publication Highlights

Vihma, T. (2014).  Effects of Sea Ice Decline on Weather and Climate: A Review.  Surv Geophys 35:1175–1214 DOI 10.1007/s10712-014-9284-0

Judith Perlwitz, Martin Hoerling, and Randall Dole, 2015: Arctic Tropospheric Warming: Causes and Linkages to Lower Latitudes. J. Climate28, 2154–2167. doi:

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Timo Vihma | Pallas-Sodankyla

This group is currently being formed.  Please contact Timo or Janet Intrieri for more information.