El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

ENSO Research at PSD

Some of Our Current Topics

  • 2016 El Niño Rapid Response Field Campaign

    An unprecedented field campaign to study El Niño while the event is ongoing.
  • 2015 El Niño Situational Awareness

    A collection of research about the 2015-2016 event that addresses potential risks and impacts.
  • Climate Division Risk Maps

    Does El Niño increase the chances of extreme temperatures or precipitation over the U.S.? PSD researchers have produced risk maps to investigate these questions.
  • MEI ENSO Monitorings

    Current and historic values of the Multivariate ENSO Index developed at PSD.
  • California Drought

    What can drought-stricken California expect from the El Niño winter forecast? PSD researchers contribute to the Drought Task Force report and FAQ.
  • Hydrology in a Warming Climate; Hydrology That Might Have Been

    Ongoing research into the effects of warming on snowpack and streamflow.
  • Wind River/Greater Yellowstone Area and El Niño

    PSD scientists collaborate with the North Central Climate Science Center to address ENSO risks of drought on the Wind River reservation.

News and Feature Stories