Webpage Issues

Users are encouraged to let us know of any issues or questions.
  1. 07/07/15: Monthly means for ERA-20C had issue where monthly means started one day earlier each month for each year. Values have been correct. There is no change to January values and the most change to Dec.
  2. 06/04/2013: Slope for seasonal timeseries for 1st dataset was calculated using wrong dates so that slope was too large.
  3. 06/04/2013: Key for 2 timeseries and 1 Y-axis has been changed so that timeseries are easier to identify. The different Y-axis has just one key (which will be fixed in the future).
  4. 4/25/2013: The 2nd year of the requested range was used as the right end point and the plot did not go to the end of the year. Correlations were based on this year range as well so there will be small changes in correlations and RMS values.
  5. 2/26/2013: MERRA pressure omega level data had a duplicate year for 1997 so data after then was off by one year. File has been replaced.
  6. 2/15/2013: Latitudes and longitudes were being rounded to nearest integer in plotting code. They now are floats.