Create a monthly or seasonal time series of climate variables.

You can use the created timeseries in other pages for analysis (see left under related time series plots).

Which Dataset?

Dataset Name Time Range Information
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis monthly means 1948-Dec 2019 INFO
20th Century Reanalysis V2 monthly means 1871-2012 INFO
NCEP/DOE AMIP-II Reanalysis monthly means 1979-Dec 2019 INFO
Interpolated OLR 1974-Nov 2019 INFO
NOAA/NCDC Climate Division: temperature, precipitation PDSI, Tmax, Tmin, HDD, and CDD (updated version)1895-Dec 2019 INFO
Kaplan SST V2 1856-Dec 2019 INFO
U of Delaware Precipitation 1900-Dec 2010 INFO
Timeseries Extraction Information
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Help and Background
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