Data Format Descriptions

Processed Surface Meteorology Measurements



       SSS = SiteID
       YY  = Year
       JJJ = Julian Day
       HH  = Hour

Date and time are in UTC and represent the end time of the average.


There are 20 space delimited fields per averaging 
period which are listed in each row.

Field  1:  Year (end time of average)
Field  2:  Month (end time of average)
Field  3:  Day (end time of average)
Field  4:  Julian Day (end time of average)
Field  5:  Counter (arbitrary starting index)
Field  6:  HoursMinutes (end time of average)
Field  7:  Pressure (mb)
Filed  8:  Temperature at 2 meters (C)
Filed  9:  Temperature at 10 meters (C)
Field 10:  Relative Humidity at 2 meters (percent)
Field 11:  Relative Humidity at 10 meters (percent)
Field 12:  Scalar Wind Speed (m/s)
Field 13:  Vector Wind Speed (m/s)
Field 14:  Wind Direction (degrees)
Field 15:  Wind Direction Standard Deviation (degrees)
Field 16:  Solar Radiation (W/m^2)
Field 17:  Net Radiation (W/m^2)
Field 18:  Mixing Ratio (g/kg)
Field 19:  Precipitation (mm)
Field 20:  Maximum Wind Speed (m/s)