Data and Image Download Instructions

Anonymous FTP

Use the following procedures to access unedited data & images from PSD's FTP server:

User> anonymous
Password> "e-mail address"
FTPprompt> cd psd2/data/realtime

From this point the directory heirarchy has a specific structure, but the directory names will vary dependent on the type of data:

LEVEL 1: instrument
LEVEL 2: datagroup

Heirarchy for selected data and image types:

915 MHz Radar Wind Data:           Radar915/CnsWind/SiteID
915 MHz Radar Melting Level Data:  Radar915/BrightBand/SiteID
915 MHz RASS Temperature Data:     Radar915/CnsTemp/SiteID
Radar and RASS Images:             Radar915/Images/SiteID
3 GHz Sband SNR Data:              Radar3000/CnsWind/SiteID
3 GHz Sband SNR Images:            Radar3000/Images/SiteID
Surface Meteorology Data:          CsiDatalogger/SurfaceMet/SiteID
Surface Meteorology Images:        CsiDatalogger/Images/SiteID
Disdrometer Data:                  DisdrometerDistromet/DropSizeDistribution/SiteID