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The information on government servers are in the public domain, unless specifically annotated otherwise, and may be used freely by the public so long as you do not 1) claim it is your own (e.g. by claiming copyright for NOAA information – see below), 2) use it in a manner that implies an endorsement or affiliation with NOAA, or 3) modify it in content and then present it as official government material. You also cannot present information of your own in a way that makes it appear to be official government information.

We ask that you acknowledge the use of images/data/forecasts taken from these webpages as:

Data/image provided by the NOAA ESRL Physical Sciences Division, Boulder, Colorado, USA, from their website at

If you use any datasets in your work, please cite them separately from any of PSD's images. You may need to have a separate citation for forecasts as well. Please read the online documentation about the specific forecast/data product to see if this is necessary.