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Non-Gridded Climate Datasets

Boulder COOP station
US Climate Divisions

Gridded Climate Datasets:

DatasetsAreal CoverageGrid SizeTime StepTime CoverageLevelsRSS
CMAP Precipitation Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly,Pentad1979- None
CPC Soil Moisture Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly1948-presentNone
CRU Air Temperature and Combined Air Temperature/Marine Anomalies V3 Global5.0°x5.0° Monthly1850-presentNone
NCEP GODAS ocean analysis Global.3°x.3° Monthly1980-present 40
Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) Global0.5°x0.5°,1.0°x1.0°, 2.5°x2.5° Monthly1901-presentNone
GPCP V2.3 Precipitation Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly1979-2013None
Interpolated OLR Global2.5°x2.5° Daily,Monthly1979-near presentNone
Kaplan SST Global5.0°x5.0° Monthly1856-presentNone
NCEP Operational Analysis Global2.5°x2.5° Daily 1979-presentNone
NCEP Marine Global2.0°x2.0° Monthly1991-presentNone
NOAA Extended Reconstructed SST V3b Global1.0°x1.0° Monthly1854-presentNone
NOAA Optimum Interpolation (OI) SST V2 Global1.0°x1.0° Monthly,Weekly1981-presentNone
NCEP Pacific Ocean Analysis Global1.0°x1.5° Weekly, Monthly1992-presentNone
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Global2.5°x2.5°, T42 Gaussian, T62 spectral 4X Daily, Daily, Monthly1948-present17 pressure levels, 28 spectral
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Products Derived at PSD Global2.5°x2.5°, T62 Gaussian Daily, Monthly1948-present17 pressure levels, 28 spectral
NCEP/DOE Reanalysis II Global2.5°x2.5° 4X Daily, Daily, Monthly1979-Dec 201217 Pressure levels
Uninterpolated OLR Global2.5°x2.5° Daily1991-presentNone