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NetCDF Variable Name (abbreviation)Variable Description
airAir temperature
airSurface Air Temperature
air_msu23MSU Air Temperature Channel 2/3
air_msu34MSU Air Temperature Channel 3/4
cfnlfCloud Forcing Net Longwave Flux
cfnsfCloud Forcing Net Solar Flux
chiVelocity Potential
cldfractional cloudiness
convtTemperature Adjustment due to Convection (includes Latent Heat Release
cpratConvective Precipitation Rate
csdlfClear Sky Downward Longwave Flux
csdsfClear Sky Downward Solar Flux
csulfClear Sky Upward Longwave Flux
csusfClear Sky Upward Shortwave Flux
csusfClear Sky Upward Solar Flux
curltauCurl of the surface wind stress (computed with a constant drag coeficient of 10**-3
dlwrfDownward Longwave Radiation Flux
dswrfDownward Solar Radiation Flux
fricvelSurface Friction Velocity Cubed = (tau/rhosea)**3/2 (computed with a constant drag coeficient of 10**-3)
gfluxGround Heat Flux
hflxHeat flux
hgtGeopotential height
hgt_hgtMean Square Geopotential Height
hicldComposite average of high level (sigma = 0.355,0.257) clouds. The layer was considered overcast if one of the levels was overcast
hrcHighly Reflective Clouds
icecIce Concentration
landLand-sea mask
lflxLatent Heat Parameter
lftxSurface Lifted Index
lftx4Best (4-layer) Lifted Index
lhtflLatent Heat Flux at the Surface
lhtflLatent Heat Net Flux
lhtflSurface Latent Heat Flux
lowcldComposite average of low level (sigma = 0.997, 0.979, 0.935) clouds. The layer was considered overcast if one of the levels was overcast
lsmaskLand Sea Mask
lsmaskLand-sea mask
lsmaskLand/Sea Mask
lsmaskSurface pressure
maskLand Sea Mask
maskValidity Mask
midcldComposite average of mid level (sigma = 0.568 0.46) clouds. The layer was considered overcast if one of the levels was overcast
mldpdMixed Layer Depth via Pot. Dens.
mldptMixed Layer Depth via Pot. Temp.
mslpMean Sea Level Pressure
nbdsfNear IR Beam Downward Solar Flux
nddsfNear IR Diffuse Downward Solar Flux
nlwrsLongwave Heat Flux at the Surface
nlwrsNet Longwave Radiation Flux
nobsNumber of days missing
nswrsNet Shortwave Radiation Flux
nswrsShortwave Heat Flux at the Surface
olrOutgoing Longwave Radiation
omegaOmega (dp/dt)
omegavertical velocity
omega_airX-prod Air & Omega (dp/dt)
omega_hgtX-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Geo Height
omega_omegaMean Square Omega (dp/dt)
omega_shumX-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Spec Humidity
omega_vairX-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Virt Temp
omega_vortX-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Vorticity
otempNumber of Observations
otempOcean Temperature
otempOcean Temperature, analyzed mean
otempOcean Temperature, analyzed mean - analyzed annual mean
otempOcean Temperature, data distribution
otempOcean Temperature, raw - analyzed
otempOcean Temperature, Raw Nobs
otempOcean Temperature, standard deviation
otempOcean Temperature, standard error
otempOcean Temperature, unanalyzed
pcpevpPrecipitation minus Evaporation at the surface
pdsiPalmer Drought Severity Index
pevprPotential Evaporation Rate
pottmpPotential Temperature
prateMonthly Mean Precipitation Rate
pratePrecipitation Rate
presSurface Pressure
pr_wtrPrecipitable Water Content
psSurface pressure variation
pvPotential Vorticity
qaoNet Surface Heat Flux
qlhLatent Heat Flux
qlhLatent Heat Flux at the Surface
qnetnet diabatic heating
qnetintVertically integrated net diabaitic heating
qsatSaturation Specific Humidity relative to the Sea Surface or Land Skin Temperature
qsfcSpecific Humidity at Sigma Level 0.9967
qshSensible Heat Flux
qshSensible Heat Flux at the Surface
qshqlhSensible + Latent Heat Flux
qsminqSat Sp Hum at Sst Minus Sp Hum
qvtransient meridional moisture flux
radTemperature Adjustment due to Radiation
relhRelative Humidity
rhosfcAir Density at Sigma Level 0.9967
rhumRelative humidity
runofWater Runoff
saltNumber of Observations
saltOcean Salinity
saltOcean Salinity, analyzed mean
saltOcean Salinity, analyzed mean - analyzed annual mean
saltOcean Salinity, data distribution
saltOcean Salinity, raw - analyzed
saltOcean Salinity, Raw Nobs
saltOcean Salinity, standard deviation
saltOcean Salinity, standard error
saltOcean Salinity, unanalyzed
sfcrSurface Roughness
sflxSensible Heat Parameter
shtflSensible Heat Flux at the Surface
shtflSensible Heat Net Flux
shtflSurface Sensible Heat Flux
shumSpecific humidity
shum_shumMean Square Specific Humidity
sktSkin Temperature
slpSea Level Pressure
slpSurface Pressure
sminaSea-air Temperature Difference
snowcoverExtent of Snow Cover
soilwVolumetric Soil Moisture
spdsfcSurface Wind Speed
srfpStation pressure
srfpSurface Pressure
srfptSurface potential temperature
sstSea Surface Temperature
sstSurface Skin Temperature
statStatic Stability
swfxShort wave heat flux
tausfcSurface Wind Stress
tauxu-wind Stress
tauxZonal component of the wind stress (computed with a constant drag coeficient of 10**-3
tauyMeridional component of the wind stress (computed with a constant drag coeficient of 10**-3
tauyv-wind Stress
tcTemperature Correction
tcdcTotal cloud cover
thtasfcPotential Temperature at Sigma Level 0.9967
thtasstPotential Temperature at the Skin Surface
tmaxMaximum Temperature
tminMinimum Temperature
topoModel Topology
trppTropopause Pressure
trptTropopause temperature
tv3-10 Day Filtered Transient Meridional Heat Flux
tvtransient meridional heat flux
uairtSensible Heat Trans Eastward Param
ucurU component of ocean current
uflxMomentum Flux, u-component
ugwdZonal Gravity Wave Stress
ulflxZonal Latent Heat Parameter
ulwrfUpward Longwave Radiation Flux
upstru-wind pseudoStress
upstru-wind Stress
uspehLatent Heat Trans Eastward Param
ustru-wind Stress
uswrfUpward Solar Radiation Flux
utTransient Zonal Heat Flux
uuTransient Zonal Flux of Zonal Momentum
uv3-10 Day Filtered Transient Meridional Flux of Zonal Momentum
uvtransient meridional flux of zonal momentum
uwnd_airX-prod Air & u-wind
uwnd_hgtX-prod u-wind & Geo Height
uwnd_omegaX-prod u-wind & Omega (dp/dt)
uwnd_shumX-prod u-wind & Spec Humidity
uwnd_uwndMean Square u-wind
uwnd_vairX-prod u-wind & Virt Temp
uwnd_vortX-prod u-wind & Vorticity
uwnd_vwndX-prod u-wind & v-wind
vairVirtual Temperature
vairtSensible Heat Trans Northward Param
vair_vairMean Square Virtual Temperature
vbdsfVisible Beam Downward Solar Flux
vcurV component of ocean current
vddsfVisible Diffuse Downward Solar Flux
vflxMomentum Flux, v-component
vftTemperature Adjustment due to Vertical Diffusion
vgwdMeridional Gravity Wave Stress
vlflxMeridional Latent Heat Parameter
vorRelative Vorticity
vort_vortMean Square Vorticity
vpstrv-wind pseudoStress
vpstrv-wind Stress
vspehLatent Heat Trans Northward Param
vstrv-wind Stress
vtTransient Meridional Heat Flux
vvTransient Meridional Flux of Meridional Momentum
vwnd_airX-prod Air & v-wind
vwnd_hgtX-prod v-wind & Geo Height
vwnd_omegaX-prod v-wind & Omega (dp/dt)
vwnd_shumX-prod v-wind & Spec Humidity
vwnd_vairX-prod v-wind & Virt Temp
vwnd_vortX-prod v-wind & Vorticity
vwnd_vwndMean Square v-wind
wvertical velocity
weasdWater Equiv. of Accum. Snow Depth
wspdScalar Wind
wspdWind Speed
wspd3Scalar Wind Cubed
wtTransient Vertical Heat Flux
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