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Monterey Real-time Marine
NMC Real-time Marine
NOAA Interpolated OLR
ECMWF 0hr Pre-90
ECMWF 12hr Pre-90
COADS1a Standard
COADS1a Enhanced
COADS Interim Products
Reynolds SST
NMC Ensemble Forecasts
NMC Reanalysis
NCEP Pacific Ocean Analysis
Global sea-Ice Sea Surface Temperature
Reynolds Reconstructed SST
CDC Derived NCEP Reanalysis Products
COADS 2-degree Standard
COADS 2-degree Enhanced
COADS 1-degree Standard
COADS 1-degree Enhanced
COADS 1-degree Equatorial Standard
COADS 1-degree Equatorial Enhanced
NCEP Reanalysis Daily Averages
Kaplan SST
National Oceanographic Data Center (Levitus) World Ocean Atlas
ECMWF Reanalysis
NOAA Highly Reflective Clouds
GFDL R30S14 17 year Climate SST Run
CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation Standard
CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation Enhanced
COADS Decadal Summary Untrimmed Limits Period A (1854-1909)
COADS Decadal Summary Untrimmed Limits Period B (1910-1949)
COADS Decadal Summary Untrimmed Limits Period C (1950-1979)
National Oceanographic Data Center 1998 World Ocean Atlas
NASA Water Vapor Project Data Set (NVAP)
Dai Palmer Drought Severity Index
Northern Hemisphere EASE-Grid Weekly Snow Cover and Sea Ice Extent
NOAA Uninterpolated OLR
2000 millibar
1000 millibar
925 millibar
850 millibar
700 millibar
600 millibar
500 millibar
400 millibar
300 millibar
250 millibar
200 millibar
150 millibar
100 millibar
70 millibar
50 millibar
30 millibar
20 millibar
10 millibar
Sea Level
Multiple Levels
205 millibar
515 millibar
Between 0-10 cm BGL
Between 10-200 cm BGL
300 cm BGL
2 m
10 m
500 cm
1500 cm
2500 cm
3500 cm
4500 cm
5500 cm
6500 cm
7500 cm
8500 cm
9500 cm
10625 cm
12000 cm
13625 cm
15500 cm
17750 cm
20500 cm
24000 cm
28500 cm
34500 cm
43000 cm
55000 cm
72000 cm
96750 cm
132750 cm
182100 cm
244350 cm
312650 cm
Entire Atmosphere Considered As a Single Layer
2000 mb
1000 mb
850 mb
700 mb
500 mb
400 mb
300 mb
250 mb
200 mb
150 mb
100 mb
70 mb
50 mb
30 mb
10 mb
205 mb
515 mb
High cloud top
High cloud bottom
Middle cloud top
Middle cloud bottom
Low cloud top
Low cloud bottom
Nominal top of atmosphere
0-7 cm BGL
7-28 cm BGL
28-100 cm BGL
100-255 cm BGL
1000 - 500mb
850 - 500mb
500 - 200mb
Long Term Mean
Number of Observations
Standard Deviation
Individual Obs
Daily Anomaly
Interannual Standard Deviation
Intraannual Standard Deviation
Total Standard Deviation
3-10 Day Filtered
Daily Maximum
Daily Minimum
Daily Accumulation
Individual 4xDaily Values
Number of Missing Days
Monthly Accumulation
Normalized Monthly Accumulation
Fraction of Observations in Daylight
Mean Day of Month of Observations
Mean Latitude (Off SW Corner of Box) of Observations
Mean Longitude (Off SW Corner of Box) of Observations
First Sextile
Third Sextile (Median)
Fifth Sextile
Upper Decadal Summary Untrimmed Limit
Lower Decadal Summary Untrimmed Limit
Median Decadal Summary Untrimmed Limit
Number of Cells Influencing This Cell's Value
Raw Mean - Analyzed Mean
Standard Error
Monthly Total
Analyzed Mean
Air Temperature
Sea Level Pressure
Sea Surface Temperature
Scalar Wind
Specific Humidity
Relative Humidity
Sensible Heat Parameter
Latent Heat Parameter
u-wind Stress
v-wind Stress
Geopotential Height
Omega (dp/dt)
Columnar Liquid Water
Precipitable Water Content
Wind Speed
Outgoing Longwave Radiation
Virtual Temperature
Vorticity Stretching
Mean Square Sea Level Pressure
Freq of Low-level Cloudiness
Freq of Mid-level Cloudiness
Freq of High-level Cloudiness
Freq of Stratus Cloudiness
Freq of Cumulus Cloudiness
Freq of Cirrus Cloudiness
Freq of Cirrostratus Cloudiness
Freq of Deep Convect Cloudiness
Mean Surface Temp - Clear Sky Comp
Average Freq of Cloud Pixels
High-level Water Vapor
Middle-level Water Vapor
Low-level Water Vapor
Brightness Temperature Channel 1
Brightness Temperature Channel 2
Brightness Temperature Channel 3
Brightness Temperature Channel 4
Brightness Temperature Channel 5
Brightness Temperature Channel 6
Brightness Temperature Channel 7
Brightness Temperature Channel 8
Skin Temperature
Brightness Temperature Channel 10
Brightness Temperature Channel 11
Brightness Temperature Channel 12
Brightness Temperature Channel 13
Brightness Temperature Channel 14
Brightness Temperature Channel 15
Brightness Temperature Channel 16
Brightness Temperature Channel 17
Surface Potential Temperature
Tropopause Temperature
Tropopause Pressure
Mean Square u-wind
Mean Square v-wind
Mean Square Virtual Temperature
Mean Square Geopotential Height
Mean Square Omega (dp/dt)
Mean Square Specific Humidity
Mean Square Vorticity
X-prod u-wind & v-wind
X-prod u-wind & Virt Temp
X-prod u-wind & Geo Height
X-prod u-wind & Omega (dp/dt)
X-prod u-wind & Spec Humidity
X-prod u-wind & Vorticity
X-prod v-wind & Virt Temp
X-prod v-wind & Geo Height
X-prod v-wind & Omega (dp/dt)
X-prod v-wind & Spec Humidity
X-prod v-wind & Vorticity
X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Virt Temp
X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Geo Height
X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Spec Humidity
X-prod Omega (dp/dt) & Vorticity
Surface Pressure
Sea-air Temperature Difference
Sat Sp Hum at Sst Minus Sp Hum
Sensible Heat Trans Eastward Param
Sensible Heat Trans Northward Param
Latent Heat Trans Eastward Param
Latent Heat Trans Northward Param
X-prod Air & u-wind
X-prod Air & v-wind
X-prod Air & Omega (dp/dt)
Upward Sensible Heat Flux
Outgoing Longwave Radiation Daily Anomaly
Surface Temperature
Sum of Absorbed SW & Downward LW Radiation From Sky
Absorbed Shortwave Radiation Flux
Clear Sky Absorbed Shortwave Radiation Flux
Net Upward Longwave Radiation Flux
Clear Sky Net Upward Longwave Radiation Flux
Vertically Integrated Water Vapor
Net Downward Shortwave Radiation
Clear Sky Net Downward Shortwave Radiation
Longwave Radiation
Clear Sky Longwave Radiation
Cloud Amounts
Heat Flux into Ocean
Ocean Salinity
Ocean temperature
U component of ocean current
V component of ocean current
Surface pressure variation
East-West ocean surface stress (taux)
North-South ocean surface stress (tauy)
Heat flux
Net heat flux
Short wave heat flux
Pressure Tendency
Surface Lifted Index
Best (4-layer) Lifted Index
Land-sea mask
Potential Temperature
Convective Cloud Cover
Cloud Forcing Net Longwave Flux
Cloud Forcing Net Solar Flux
Convective Precipitation Rate
Clear Sky Downward Longwave Flux
Clear Sky Downward Solar Flux
Downward Longwave Radiation Flux
Downward Solar Radiation Flux
Ground Heat Flux
Ice Concentration
Latent Heat Net Flux
Sensible Heat Net Flux
Near IR Beam Downward Solar Flux
Near IR Diffuse Downward Solar Flux
Visible Beam Downward Solar Flux
Visible Diffuse Downward Solar Flux
Potential Evaporation Rate
Precipitation Rate
Water Runoff
Surface Roughness
Volumetric Soil Moisture
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Zonal Gravity Wave Stress
Meridional Gravity Wave Stress
Momentum Flux, u-component
Momentum Flux, v-component
Upward Longwave Radiation Flux
Upward Solar Radiation Flux
Water Equiv. of Accum. Snow Depth
Clear Sky Upward Solar Flux
Dewpoint Temperature
Deep Convective Heating Rate
Deep Convective Moistening Rate
Large Scale Condensation Heating Rate
Longwave Radiative Heating Rate
Shallow Convective Heating Rate
Shallow Convective Moistening Rate
Solar Radiative Heating Rate
Vertical Diffusion Heating Rate
Vertical Diffusion Moistening Rate
Vertical Diffusion Zonal Accel.
Vertical Diffusion Meridional Accel.
MSU Air Temperature Channel 2/3
MSU Air Temperature Channel 3/4
Velocity Potential
U Pertubation Wind
V Pertubation Wind
Net Longwave Radiation Flux
Net Shortwave Radiation Flux
Convective and Condensation Heating Rate
Radiative Heating Rate
Clear Sky Upward Longwave Flux
Total Cloud Cover
Zonal Latent Heat Parameter
Meridional Latent Heat Parameter
Wind Speed Cubed
Potential Vorticity
Static Stability
Mixed Layer Depth via Potential Temperature
Mixed Layer Depth via Potential Density
Number of Observations
Validity Mask
Total column water
Total column water vapor
Snow depth
Low cloud cover
Medium cloud cover
High cloud cover
Skin reservoir content
Skin temperature
Large Scale Precipitation
Convective Precipitation
Snow Fall
Boundary Layer Dissipation
Gravity Wave Dissipation
Highly Reflective Clouds
u-wind pseudo-stress
v-wind pseudo-stress
Maximum Land/Sea Depth Index
Basin Index
Palmer Drought Severity Index
Extent of Snow Cover
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