Twentieth Century Reanalysis (V1): Opportunities for Improvement

  1. Sea level pressure files contained missing data from 195x - 1958. Data online since 03/18/2009 has been corrected.
  2. A collection of pressure observations from the Australia Bureau of Meteorology for 1908-1949 was assimilated 16 to 20 hours after the observation time. The observation time will be corrected in a future release.
  3. The longitude of 164E was duplicated in all files and 166E was missing. All files have been fixed and are online since 03/17/2009.
  4. Tropopause geopotential heights spreads were replaced 2009/07/13, as the values were very wrong.
  5. Tropopause pressure spreads were removed 2009/09/24, as they had been mispacked.