Monthly Mean Composites of CCM3 output

bulletPlot seasonal composites (averages) of the mean or anomalies from the CCM3 runs. There are 12 runs each that were forced using observed tropical SST fields and observed global SST fields. Variables are available from Jan 1950 to Dec 1999.

bulletInformation on the CCM3 project, how to reference the dataset and how to get the data can be found at the NCAR CCM3 page. More information on the model runs themselves can be found here. Values below the surface are set to missing.

Which variable? Analysis level?
Run Forcing Type
Beginning month of season Ending month
Enter Years for composites (from 1 to 16) e.g. 1972. For seasons that span a year (e.g. DJF), please enter year of the LAST month.

To subtract one set of years from another, use a minus sign (-) before the years that are to be subtracted.

OR Enter range of years
to (optional minus to )
 OR List of Years: Enter filename:
 OR Years from Values in Time Series? If Custom:
  Value to composite on Type of comparison:
Lag Plot composites for months before or after dates chosen
Color? Shading Type
Plot type? Mean Anomaly Ensemble Mean Climatology Scale Plot Size(%)
Plot contour labels?No Yes
Override default contour interval ? Interval: Range: lowhigh
Map Projection
Enter lowest lat (-90 to 90) Highest lat
Enter western most longitude (0 to 360) Eastern most longitude
Choose projection for CUSTOM:
Choose height range for CROSSECTION: to

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