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  1. Datasets listed by file for now. Not a great method. Preferred is dataset and variable on separate pulldown.
  2. Full date range not listed automatically. someone would need to know available years.
  3. Ouput file name odd. needs dataset in title and in front.
  4. Surface level option not working.
  5. Could do multi-level output
  6. I suppose one could optionally plot a month to see if it worked.
  7. Different seasons could be returned (JFM, AMJ.. or A-S). Interface would need to be changed.
  8. I don't test any inputs :(
  9. Someone could use page to tie up machines. We could limit number of processes at a time using lock file.
  10. Database could return files, levels, etc. Would probably need two levels of pages (specify dataset, get list of vars or specify var and get list of datasets). Is two levels a pain? Might be able to have frames with left column allowing selection of one or another and the right displaying the output. The left column would then look like the contents of