We have transitioned the data files from netCDF3 to netCDF4-classic format (transition date: Aug 14th).

20th Century Reanalysis V2

This plot shows the difference between the zonally averaged winds during El Nino events for the 20CR minus the NCEP/NCAR R1 dataset

Options to produce plot are using the WRIT Monthly/Seasonaly Mapping page

  • Variable:Zonal Wind
  • Dataset 1:20CR
  • Dataset 2: NCEP/NCAR R1
  • Mon1: Jan
  • Mon2: Jan
  • Years: 1983,1988,1994,1995,1998
  • Type of Plot: Height/Latitude
  • Statistic: Anomaly
  • Latitude Range: -90 to 90
  • Longitude Range: 0 to 357.5
  • Level Range: 1000mb to 100mb