Climate of the Interior West: Data
How to get data
A description of how to get instrumental climate records from some of the sites below.
National Climate Data Center (NCDC)
Large collection of data, especially station data, various reports and climate summaries.
Western Regional Climate Center and other regional climate centers
There are six regional climate centers in the US. Each provides climate and weather information tailored to that region. The Western climate center is especially comprehensive, providing both current and historic climate-related information and regional forecasts on various time scales.
State Climatologists
Most states have an official climatologist who maintains weather and climate records for that state. Some states provide web pages with information and data specifically for that state.
Climate and Ocean Index Time Series
A collection of key climate and ocean index time series. Includes various teleconnection indices(e.g. the PNA), ocean time series (Nino3.4, TNI), atmospheric time series (e.g. QBO) and miscellaneous time series (e.g. number of hurricanes).
PSD Data search and plot page