Climate of the Interior West: Climatologies
Description of how to access instrumental climate records at some of the sites below.
DescriptionSample Product
US station data: climatologies and more
Obtain annual cycle of temperature and precipitation for many US cities from point and click map interface. Rankings of values, sunshine, winds and other variables available.
SLC Utah Climatology
Western station climatologies
Climatologies of basic variables are available at a large number of stations throughout the western US
Plot of seasonal cycle of Boulder temperature
US climate division data
Temperature, Precipitation and the Palmer Drought Index: Choose the "climatology" option. Data for specific years, averages of years an anomalies are also available.
Plot of US temperature Composite
Model variables available for the globe
Atmospheric Monthly Means: Includes a wide variety of variables. Can be plotted globally or for various subregions. Choose long-term means. Includes data for specific years; averages of years and anomalies are also available.
Plot of wind
Movies: climatology of temperature and precipitation
Movies: climatology of SST and the jetstream
Animated versions of the annual cycle over the Northern Hemisphere from PSD

newDetailed instructions on how to obtain instrumental climate records

newClimatologies sorted by region