Polar Observations & Processes

Arctic Data and Web Applications

PSD Arctic Region or Arctic Focus Datasets

PSD has a number of Arctic focused datasets and datasets that include the Arctic region that we make available to interested users.

PSD Observatory FTP Data

researcher in the field at Tiksi

PSD Arctic Web Applications

PSD has a number of web applications that can plot, extract and analyze various datasets. A few are specific to Arctic Datasets while some can be used with any of our gridded datasets. The ones of most interest to arctic researchers are:

Timeseries Extraction and Analysis
Maps and Crossections of Gridded Datasets
Instrument Data Displays
data browser

Arctic Datasets in Other ESRL Divisions

Atmospheric Data from the IASOA Observatories

IASOA Data At-A-Glance
IASOA Observatories:
  • Cherskii, Russia
  • Tiksi, Russia
  • Pallas, Finland
  • Ny-Aalesund, Svalbard
  • Villum, Greenland
  • Summit, Greenland
  • Alert, Canada
  • Eureka, Canada
  • Oliktok Point, Alaska
  • Barrow, Alaska USA

Other Arctic Data and Dataset Plotting/Analysis Pages