NOAA Goals
NOAA sets the following Goals to meet our Nation's economic, social and environmental needs:
Understand climate variability and change.
Weather & water
Serve society's needs for weather and water information.
Protect, restore, and manage the use of coastal and ocean resources.
Commerce & transportation
Support the Nation's commerce with information for safe, efficient and environmentally sound transportation.
Supporting NOAA's mission
Provide critical support for NOAA's mission.

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Cover of NOAA Research 5 Year Plan

Planning Information and Documents

NOAA Office of Program Planning and Integration
NOAA Strategic Plan FY 2006 - FY 2011 [PDF]
NOAA Research Council
NOAA FY 2008-2012 5-Year Research Plan [PDF]
NOAA 20-Year Research Vision [PDF]

ESRL Integrating Research and Technology Themes

Paramount in the planning of the Earth System Research Laboratory has been the integration of scientific and technical activities to be able to better address broad-scoped, "whole-Earth" information needs. Equally important has been the necessity of developing future collaborative partnerships with other NOAA Laboratories and Programs, and with other organizations. These Integrating Research and Technology Themes describe ESRL's science goals, activities and interactions with partners.

Understanding Earth System Processes and Changes
Carbon Cycle Science
Radiative Forcing of Climate by Non-CO2 Atmospheric Gases
Aerosols: Climate and Air Quality
Tropospheric Ozone and Air Quality
Stratospheric Ozone Layer Recovery
Surface and Planetary Boundary Layer Processes
The Weather-Climate Connection
Climate and Water Systems
Building and Evaluating Simulative and Predictive Capabilities
Regional Scale Assimilation and Modeling
Global Weather Assimilation and Modeling
Developing End-To-End Testbeds
Hydrometeorology Testbed
Building a Service-Based Grid Computing Infrastructure
Information Systems
Advancing Research Infrastructure
Observing System Design, Simulation and Demonstration