GSL Grand Challenges

Grand Challenge #1: Develop a continuous global to storm-scale (≤3km) ensemble data assimilation and ensemble forecasting capability for global situational awareness

Relevant NOAA Goal: NOAA science and technology enterprise - an integrated environmental modeling system

Grand Challenge #2: Create a fully coupled earth system modeling prediction capability.

Relevant NOAA Goal: NOAA Organization and Admin Enterprise - A modern IT infrastructure for a scientific enterprise

Grand Challenge #3: Provide the most accurate forecasts, including uncertainty and probabilities, to the right people at the right time, and in the right form for optimal understanding and decision-making.

Relevant NOAA Goal: NOAA Engagement Enterprise - Integrated services meeting the evolving demands of regional stakeholders

Grand Challenge #4: Modeling in the Exascale Computing Era

Relevant NOAA Goal: NOAA Science Enterprise - accurate and reliable data from sustained and integrated Earth observing systems

Grand Challenge #5: Create easily accessible systems to offer instant insights into the meaning of information and data

Relevant NOAA Goal: NOAA Engagement enterprise - An engaged and educated public with an improved capacity to make scientifically informed environmental decisions.