Forecast Applications for the Power System Webinar Series

Image with the NOAA and UVIG logos announcing the 2017 Webinar Series

 The NOAA Atmospheric Science for Renewable Energy Program and the Utility Variable generation Integration Group (UVIG) are co-sponsoring a new webinar series that addresses the intersection of meteorological forecasting with electric power systems.

February 7, 2017

Featured Speaker: Stan Benjamin

Focus: Fundamentals of numerical weather prediction (NWP) models and their applications for power system operations.

Additonal Information:

This talk is tailored to the interests of Independent System Operators (ISOs) and utilities who want to better understand the strengths and limitations of NWP for wind and solar forecasting. Dr. Benjamin will explain NOAA’s 13-km Rapid Refresh (RAP) and 3-km High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) models, as well as an experimental 0.75-km nest of the HRRR that is currently being run in the Pacific Northwest to support the DOE-funded and NOAA-funded Wind Forecast Improvement Project Phase 2 effort.

Audience members were able to ask questions of Dr. Benjamin following his presentation. UVIG President Mark Ahlstrom*  also moderated a panel discussion with industry experts Skip Dise (Clean Power Research) and Justin Sharp (Sharply Focused) to address questions and provide added context about how NWP models are being used by the power industry in providing wind and solar plant output forecasts on time scales ranging from minutes ahead to days ahead.

Presentation slides | Video of the event

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