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Arthur5, R. S., K. A. Lundquist5, J. B. Olson1, 2021: Improved Prediction of Cold-Air Pools in the Weather Research and Forecasting Model Using a Truly Horizontal Diffusion Scheme for Potential Temperature. Monthly Weather Review, 149(1), 155–171,   Abstract

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Carroll5, B. J., B. B. Domoz5, D. D. Turner1, R. Delgado5, 2021: Lidar Observations of a Mesoscale Moisture Transport Event Impacting Convection and Comparison to Rapid Refresh Model Analysis. Monthly Weather Review, 149(2), 463–477,   Abstract

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Hill5, A. J., C. C. Weiss5, D. C. Dowell1, 2021: Influence of a Portable Near-Surface Observing Network on Experimental Ensemble Forecasts of Deep Convection Hazards during VORTEX-SE. Weather and Forecasting, EOR,   Abstract

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Kalina3, E. A., M. K. Biswas5, J. A. Zhang5, K. M. Newman5, 2021: Sensitivity of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone to the Configuration of the Global Forecast System–Eddy Diffusivity Mass Flux Planetary Boundary Layer Scheme. Atmosphere, 12(2), 284,   Abstract

Kalina3, E. A., I. Jankov1, T. Alcott1, J. Olson1, J. Beck2, J. Berner5, D. Dowell1, C. Alexander1, 2021: A Progress Report on the Development of the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Ensemble. , 36(3), 791–804,   Abstract

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Schwartz5, C. S., G. S. Romine5, D. C. Dowell1, 2021: Toward Unifying Short-Term and Next-Day Convection-Allowing Ensemble Forecast Systems with a Continuously Cycling 3-km Ensemble Kalman Filter over the Entire Conterminous United States. Weather and Forecasting, 36(2), 379–405,   Abstract

Sedlar3, J., L. D. Riihimaki3, K. Lantz1, D. D. Turner1, 2021: Development of a Random-Forest Cloud-Regime Classification Model Based on Surface Radiation and Cloud Products. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 60(4), 477–491,   Abstract

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Zhang3, L., G. Grell1, S. McKeen3, R. Ahmadov3, K. Floyd3, D. Murphy1, 2021: Inline Coupling of Simple and Complex Chemistry Modules within the Global Weather Forecast model FIM (FIM-Chem v1). Geoscientific Model Development, EOR,   Abstract


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