Next Generation Global Models

Hurricane Sandy on FIM

ESRL’s Flow-following finite-volume Icosahedral Model (FIM), a global model used to predict superstorm Sandy’s track and intensity at landfall.

The next-generation global weather models that run in a real-time resolutions even higher than 10km.


To address the severe weather needs of the nation and the world by developing the best possible one to two-week forecasts from advanced global models


National Weather Service (NWS)

Milestones and deliverables

Complete coupled atmospheric ocean-chem FIM-HYCOM chem model with some retrospective runs completed to consider for initial tests for National Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) seasonal forecasts.

Key performance measures

Annual number of retrospective multi-week experiments of the atmospheric Flow-following finite volume Icosahedral Model (FIM).

R&D maturity level