Assessments and Verification

Verification Requirements and Monitoring Capability (VRMC) interface

Verification Requirements and Monitoring Capability (VRMC) interface

In depth assessments of forecast quality to verify that the most accurate weather information is provided to planners and decision makers, including assessments of new software products’ readiness for NWS operations.


Conduct comprehensive assessments to provide information on weather forecast strengths and weaknesses to improve forecast accuracy


National Weather Service (NWS) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Milestones and deliverables

Perform assessments of Graphical Turbulence Guidance Nowcase algorithm, Offshore Precipitation Capability, 1-4 COSPA Blending Capability, and the Alaska Icing Diagnosis.

Key performance measures

Cumulative number of assessments conducted on aviation weather products to evaluate potential for transistion to NWS operations supporting FAA activities.

R&D maturity level

Research, development and/or application