• Assessments and Verifications

    VRMC Interface Image

    In depth assessments of forecast quality to verify that the most accurate weather information is provided to planners and decision makers, including assessments of new software products' readiness for NWS operations More >>

  • Decision Support

    Image of AWIPS station

    Software and system tools to help decision-makers issue and communicate timely and accurate hazard information More >>

  • Developmental Testbed Center

    Developmental Testbed Center Logo

    Assessing advanced numerical forecast techniques for operations and research, the DTC is a distributed facility where the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) community can test and evaluate new models and techniques for use in research and operations. More >>

  • Environmental Information Systems

    IHIS Interface Image

    GSD develops technologies that allow users to visualize and answer questions requiring data from different data sources regardless of format or location. More >>

  • Fine-Grained ComputingImage of the Icosahedral Model

    Advance new High-Performance Computing System technologies and develop techniques to enable the next generation weather models to run efficiently on any type of next-generation HPCS architecture More >>


  • Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System - (MADIS)

    MADIS Graphic

    An observational database and delivery system which integrates real-time observations from a wide variety of observing infrastructures to make them useable for Numerical Weather Prediction models and nowcasting More >>

  • Next-Generation Global Models

    FIM Global Model Image

    Models that run in real-time resolutions even higher than 10km
    More >>

  • Regional Models

    HRRR Model Image

    Weather models that provide forecasts over a region on a regular frequency at storm scale or finer resolutions More >>


  • Renewable Energy

    Image of Wind Turbines

    Improving the Rapid Refresh (RAP) and High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) models for wind and solar applications. More >>


  • Science On a Sphere®

    Image of Science on a Sphere

    A visual display system that animates earth science and solar system information on a large sphere for audiences of all ages. More >>