GSL staff win CIRES Outstanding Performance Awards

May 7, 2020

GSL staff win CIRES Outstanding Performance Awards

CIRES announced the 2020 winners of their CIRES Outstanding Performance Awards targeted to honor projects that are novel, high impact, and show remarkable creativity or resourcefulness. GSL researchers won two awards in the “Service” category -- projects that are successful because of the utility they have within the community.

GSL/CIRES researchers Hilary Peddicord, Beth Wehe, and Jonathan Joyce were honored for creating a new, free app for mobile devices, which displays Science On a Sphere®️ (SOS) visual data. The app brings the educational SOS tool found in science centers and museums across the country to a vastly larger, worldwide audience. The team developed innovative software solutions to minimize data transfer requirements, enabling SOS display on mobile devices across networks that may not be high speed.

Hilary Peddicord was also honored as part of a team that created a mentorship program over the last year-and-a-half that has already connected 30 pairs of professionals across CIRES. The program has the potential to increase the workplace satisfaction of participants and in turn, create a more creative and productive research atmosphere. Participants are learning new resources and techniques from each other that can help in research, teaching, and outreach.

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