Forecast Assessment Test and 2018 Hazard Services Update

Image of workshop participants

Oct 22 -Nov 3, 2018

GSD will host a combined Winter Weather, Marine, and Hydro Hazard Simplification Forecaster Assessment Test and Focal Point Workshop focused on Convective and Non-Precipitation hazards using Hazard Services software the week of October 22. The following week will be devoted to analyzing the feedback and planning the FY19 tasking.

Hazard Services is a powerful software package that will be used by the NWS to issue all NWS Warnings, Watches, Advisories, and related products and information. The software can be configured to use many types of data such as: observational datasets, NWP data, or even non-meteorological data. It will then be used to determine where a hazard could have an impact, and outline a first guess hazard area and timing, resulting in a science-based watch, warning, or advisory. Hazard Services is part of AWIPS, and will replace the legacy WarnGen, River Pro, and Graphical Hazard Generator programs.

As a modernized platform, it will allow for flexible output, probabilistic and deterministic information, and will lay the foundation for moving the NWS deeper into the IDSS and FACETs eras. The utility and concepts are also being applied to National Centers, with significant development already underway for the Aviation Weather Center. Participants include NWS NCEP Ocean Prediction Center, NWS NCEP National Hurricane Center, NWS Forecast Decision Training Branch, NWS HQ Office of Central Processing (CP), and numerous WFOs.

Hazard Services has been designed and implemented by GSD in collaboration with Raytheon, under the leadership of National Weather Service's headquarters, and alongside WFO meteorologists, hydrologists, and others who routinely issue watches, warnings, and advisories.

For more information contact: Susan Cobb 303-497-5093