ESRL visits University of Texas - El Paso

Image of people at the UTEP meeting

September 26, 2017

Kevin Kelleher, Jenn Mahoney, and Melinda Marquis from GSD and Rich Lataitis of PSD visited the campus of the University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) on September 26 to meet with students and faculty and explore connections and collaborations. UTEP is a partner institution of the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS)l that receives funding through the NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions Cooperative Agreement.

The NOAA team was hosted by Dr. Rosa Fitzgerald, Department of Physics. The NOAA delegation met with Dr. William Stockwell of Howard University, Dr. Vernon Morris also of Howard University, and Dr. Rosa Fitzgerald, and discussed respective areas of research interest.

The NOAA team also met with the Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Robert Kirken, who spoke about the growth of UTEP as a research institution under the leadership of a skillful university president.

UTEP students Miguel Cortez, Ashley McAfee, Robert McAfee, Noe Labrado, Nakul N. Karle, Julio E. Ceniceros, Claudia N. Villalobos, Iyasu G. Eibedinpil, and Suhail Mahmud delivered presentations on their research. The students are studying the following areas, which may provide opportunities for  collaboration: air quality, dust storms, visibility, photolysis of ozone and other atmospheric constituents, model verification, and high-performance computing.

Dr. Fitzgerald plans to visit NOAA ESRL next summer (2018). Additional faculty and students will likely join her on this visit. ESRL will provide a tour of our lab facilities, describe some of our research efforts, and learn more about UTEP’s scientific expertise. Our hope is that we will find good fits for summer internships for UTEP graduate students or post-doctoral positions at ESRL.

For more information contact: Susan Cobb 303-497-5093