GSD's Susan Williams is honored with the NOAA Silver Sherman Award

Photo of (left to right) Scott Nahman, Jeff VanBuskirk, Kevin Kelleher.

GSD’s Susan Williams (center) receiving her award from Kevin Kelleher, GSD Director (left) and Michael Kraus, Evaluation and Decision Support Branch Chief (right).

December 2017

GSD's Susan Williams is honored for her incredible ability to enhance the spirit de corps of GSD. She forges, and continues to encourage, positive relationships throughout the Division and building. On her own initiative, she worked to improve relationships between IT groups. She is eager to make working together not just a productive, but an enjoyable experience. Her cheerful and positive attitude make most interactions with her result in a smile.

The Silver Sherman award recognizes an individual who has performed work above his or her normal requirements, achieved a milestone that contributed significantly or critically toward the attainment of a particular program goal, and/or demonstrated leadership toward process improvement of a significant magnitude.

For more information contact: Susan Cobb 303-497-5093