New SOS Explorer Lite 2.0 release

Image of SOS Explorer Lite interface

August 2, 2017

NOAA’s Science On a Sphere® (SOS) team has released SOS Explorer Lite 2.0 (SOSx Lite), the latest free and downloadable flat screen version of SOS. SOSx Lite 2.0 now has 17 datasets, and a new user interface with “more info” buttons to access external websites, images, and videos that help explain the datasets. SOSx Lite 2.0 is also touch-screen compatible.

With SOSx Lite, users can explore a sample of SOS datasets and take three pre-programmed educational tours. SOSx Lite allows everyone, including teachers and their students, to interact with cutting edge technology and scientific data visualizations with almost any computer. With tools included in the application, users can zoom into, probe, and graph the data, as well as add supplementary material including websites, videos, pictures, and placemarks.

SOSx Lite was launched in 2015 after many teachers asked how they could bring the same experience of viewing global data into their classrooms. Since most schools districts do not have the funds to install the full SOS system in their schools or classrooms, a flat-screen version displayed on computer monitors and projectors seemed like an obvious solution.

For more information on SOSx Lite, and to download the free software go to: