NOAA’s Science On a Sphere® marks its 150th installation

Image of the beginning of the installation
Image of the installation with a wide grid projected on the sphere
Image of SOS installation in Nagpur, India in it's final installation stages

November 15, 2017

The Raman Science Centre in Nagpur, India is home to the 150th installation of NOAA Science On a Sphere® (SOS) and expected to draw more than a million visitors each year. This is the sixth SOS installation in India.

Science on a Sphere® was developed at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory Global Systems Division (GSD), the University of Colorado’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), and Colorado State University's Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA. The Science on a Sphere® visualization system can be run through an interactive kiosk or iPad for live programs, custom school lessons, and more.

It is estimated that more than 42 million people view SOS each year. SOS is a room-sized global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display global data onto a six-foot diameter sphere. Animated images of atmospheric storms ocean currents, and tsunamis can be shown to engage viewers and explain complex environmental processes. Science on a Sphere is used to enhance informal education programs in science centers, universities, and museums around the world.

For more information contact: Susan Cobb 303-497-5093

Image of a newspaper article from the Nagpur Times