Visiting teachers learn about Science on a Sphere during Boulder workshop

Photo of teachers in sub-zero ice core storage freezer.

Participants in the Boulder Climate Change Workshop find humor and levity in the -35F ice core storage freezer awaiting a view of a thousand year old ice core with dark volcanic layers at the National Ice Core Laboratory, USGS. Photo courtesy of Hilary Peddicord.

Hilary Peddicord, CIRES Education Specialist for ESRL/Global Systems Division's introduced more than two dozen teachers from around the nation to the diverse array of big-data global visualizations on GSD’s six-foot Science on a Sphere. The presentation was part of the Boulder Climate Change Workshop held from June 25-27, 2015 and sponsored by the NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project (CSEP) and the UCAR Center for Science Education.

Peddicord also demonstrated SOS Explorer, a downloadable version that teachers can use in their classrooms. SOS Explorer is set for release in late-August.

CSEP is part of NOAA's portfolio of activities to strengthen ocean, climate, and atmospheric science education.

For more information contact: Hilary Peddicord, 303-497-7993,