Indonesian delegation commemorates SOS installation agreement

SOS Team with the Indonesian Delegation

SOS Team with the Indonesian Delegation

A distinguished delegation from Indonesia, led by North Sulawesi Governor Sinyo Harry Sarundajang, visited Earth System Research Laboratory ESRL/Global Systems Division (GSD) on September 4, 2015 to commemorate their Science on a Sphere® (SOS) installation Memorandum Of Understanding. The delegation also included Mrs. Ellen Joan Kumaat, Rector of Sam Ratulangi University and Mr. Philotheus Erwin Alex Tuerah, Rector of Manado State University, in addition to several other government officials from North Sulawesi.  

The group toured the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center and watched a demonstration of SOS in ESRL's Planet Theater. After a short ceremony to sign an agreement, GSD held a small reception in their honor.

GSD expects SOS to be installed in Indonesia in the next few months.

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