Computer Room

Information & Technology Services Division

GSL's Information and Technology Services manages the computer facilities infrastructure, communication networks, and associated peripherals that GSL staff use to accomplish their research and systems development mission.

ITS designs, develops and maintains the GSL Central Computer Facility which acquires, processes, and stores a large variety of meteorological data in real time, and manages the IT security program.

GSL is one of NOAA’s three sites that host research and development high-performance computing systems shared by the entire NOAA community. ITS manages the 2,060 square foot computing facility housed at the NOAA campus in Boulder, Colorado. The room’s award-winning design can handle the system’s rigorous environmental and electrical demands. State-of-the-art ambient air cooling, a fire protection system, and many sophisticated facility environment monitoring and control safeguards support a highly reliable and resilient center. The facility enhances NOAA’s efficient and timely delivery of products and services.


HPC Systems

  • Jet

  • Theia