(2) FEAT Installation Guide

Forecast Event Awareness Tool 

   A CAVE GFE Data Mining Procedure
Updated April 2019

Prototype release

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  Installation Guide     

Note, the FEAT tool depends on the Python AWIPS Data Access Framework (DAF) to operate properly. In AWIPS Build 18.X, the DAF is to work as expected.
(Forecast and Practice database grids were returned from the DAF; unfortunately they were not discernible in earlier versions of the DAF. Sorry for the delay.)

Step 1
Download the python software package from the Wiki.

Step 2
Run the script, featInstall.csh to install software on an AWIPS CAVE px2 system.
This step will take well a few minutes. There is no config file for the GUI portion.

Step 3
Part A, execute command (below) to run the data mining software.
Either add this command, found in file a2SITEpx2cron, to 'gfecron' or, simply run at the command line to generate data for FEAT. For ongoing use, add command to a scheduled cron process.

cd $LOCALAPPS_RUN/Gfe/Apps/FcstEventAwareness
/awips2/python/bin/python src/GenerateEvents.py > logs/generateEvents.log
Part B, the FEAT GUI, should be available in CAVE GFE. It runs with case data or realtime data.

Step 4
See the Rule-Definition Guide to customize rule definition. See the Getting Started User Guide

  Module Descriptions     

Part A

~ System Software ~

GenerateEvents.py (top level script): - This code generates Event Data files usually via cron, outside of CAVE. import AwarenessEvents, FcstEventConfig, FcstEventDataAccess as fda, EditAreasUtilities.py

AwarenessEvents.py - This is the python data constructor that accesses data to write, then read the FEAT data files. Also used with the CAVE GUI code. import some Standard python libraries

FcstEventConfig.py - This is used to define FEAT event rules. See Rule-Definition Guide alt message

FcstEventDataAccess.py import GFEDataAccess.py

GFEDataAccess.py - Code to access forecast grids import standard python libraries, 'from ufpy.dataaccess import DataAccessLayer as DAL'

EditAreasUtilities.py - Utility to process edit area information.

ReadEvents.py (optional): - Code to read and confirm data files were created correctly. 'import AwarenessEvents'
AwarenessEvents.py - See above.

Part B

~ CAVE GFE Procedures ~

ForecasterEventAwareness.py (top level): - CAVE GUI software to alert the forecaster via visual cues to weather events of significance within the forecast grids. 'import AwarenessEvents'
AwarenessEvents.py - See below.

EditAreaMakeRepo.py (top level): - To be used once to extract your SITE edit areas into .npz, python data files. Completed automatically with a call to runProcedure. import EditAreasUtilities.py
EditAreasUtilities.py - Utility to extract edit area information into data files.