Protect Our Environmental Treasures (POET)

Preliminary Information

Section 1 — Modeling Earth

Activity 1 - Nighttime Lights of the World (Geography, Science)

Activity 2 - Using Different Models of Earth (Geography, Science)

Activity 3 - Topography and Bathymetry (Geography, Mathematics, Science, History)

Activity 4 - The U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey to the Rescue (Geography, Reading, Writing, Science, History)

Section 2 — Weather

Activity 5 - Tornado Over Kansas (Art, Science)

Activity 6 - Hurricanes (Three parts)

- Environmental Satellites

- Creating a Satellite Image Using Pixels

- A Cross-Section Through the "Eye" of a Hurricane

(Technology, Art, Mathematics, Science,History, Geography, Reading, Writing)

Activity 7 - Winter at the South Pole (Mathematics, Science, Reading , Art)

Section 3 — Global Warming

Activity 8 - Carbon Dioxide and Seasons (Mathematics, Science, Technology)

Activity 9 - Global Warming (Mathematics, Science, Technology)

Activity 10 - Arctic Sea (Mathematics, Science, Technology, History, Art)

Section 4 — The Carbon Cycle

Activity 11 - How it Works (Science, Mathematics, Reading)

Activity 12 - Carbon Tracker (Science, Mathematics, Reading)

Activity 13 - The Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (Science, Mathematics, Reading)

Activity 14 - Students Help Control Their Carbon Footprint (Science, Mathematics, Reading)

Section 5 — Planning for the Future

Activity 15 - Life Zones Reflect Climate: Climate Change Demands Future Planning (Science, Geography, Art)

Answer Key for Poet Activities


Hilary Peddicord