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Science On a Sphere® (SOS) Educational Activities for Students - These activities are based on SOS, but can be done without actually viewing the sphere:

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The Colorado River Story - A regional look at climate and freshwater in the arid west includes three stand-alone parts (best used in order together):

The POET Program - Protect Our Environmental Treasures (POET) is a series of 15 environmentally-based student activities for teachers to use in middle and high school. Hands-on interdisciplinary activities emphasize age-appropriate, academically challenging lessons that integrate typical school subjects and show how school subjects relate to "real life" practical application.

Wooly Magma – The Wooly Magma project illustrates the science of Earth's internal structure using a rubber ball and layers of dyed wool to illustrate the Earth's Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, Transition Zone, Asthenosphere, Lithosphere, and Crust.

Student Activities in Meteorology (SAM & SAM II) provides information and educational activities in meteorology, climatology, and space science. Activities are designed for middle schoolers (grades 6 - 8), but are usable between grades 4 and 12.


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