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Science On a Sphere® (SOS) Educational Activities for Students - These activities are based on SOS, but can be done without actually viewing the sphere:

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The Colorado River Story - A regional look at climate and freshwater in the arid west includes three stand-alone parts (best used in order together):

The POET Program - Protect Our Environmental Treasures (POET) is a series of 15 environmentally-based student activities for teachers to use in middle and high school. Hands-on interdisciplinary activities emphasize age-appropriate, academically challenging lessons that integrate typical school subjects and show how school subjects relate to "real life" practical application.

Wooly Magma – The Wooly Magma project illustrates the science of Earth's internal structure using a rubber ball and layers of dyed wool to illustrate the Earth's Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, Transition Zone, Asthenosphere, Lithosphere, and Crust.

Student Activities in Meteorology II (SAM II) provides information and educational activities in meteorology, climatology, and space science. Activities are designed for middle schoolers (grades 6 - 8), but are usable between grades 4 and 12.


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