Forecast Impact and Quality Assessment Section (FIQAS)

  • Welcome to FIQAS

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    Our mission is to advance the understanding and use of weather information through impact-based forecast assessments and targeted real-time information delivery to benefit decision-making in response to high impact weather events.

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    INtegrated Support for Impacted air Traffic Environments (INSITE) provides a weather decision service for common situational awareness and forecast preparation.

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    Event-based Verification and Evaluation of NWS gridded product Tooluses our foundational principles, which include: forecast quality must be measured relative to how the forecast is used to make decisions, within the same assessment framework so that forecast comparisons are meaningful, and relative to the current operational forecast baselines so that forecast improvements can be measured.

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  • VRMC

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    The objectives for the Verification and Requirements Monitoring Capability (VRMC) are to: 1) provide an ongoing historical performance record of forecast quality as a baseline for evaluating advancements in aviation weather forecast products, 2) a tool for supporting the QA PDT in-depth forecast assessments, both in developing and testing new innovative verification methodologies and for providing an easy-to-use capability for scientific analysis, and 3) a platform for assessment and methodology configuration management and statistical baseline control.

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