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A Multistep Flux-Corrected Transport Scheme


A multistep flux-corrected transport (MFCT) scheme is developed to achieve conservative and monotonic tracer transports for multistep dynamical cores. MFCT extends Zalesak two-time level scheme to any multistep time-differencing schemes by including multiple high-order fluxes in the antidiffusive flux, while computing the two-time level low-order monotone solution. The multistep time-differencing scheme used in this study is the third-order Adams–Bashforth (AB3) scheme implemented in a finite-volume icosahedral shallow-water model. The accuracy of AB3 MFCT is quantified by the shape-preserving advection experiments in non-divergent flow, as well as a cosine bell whose shape changes during advection in shear flow. AB3 MFCT has been shown to be insensitive to time step size. This make AB3 MFCT an attractive transport scheme for explicit high resolution model applications with small time step. MFCT is tested in shallow-water model simulations to demonstrate that the use of MFCT maintains positive-definite tracer transport, while at the same time conserving both fluid mass and tracer mass within round-off errors in the AB3 dynamic core.

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