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Assimilation of PM2.5 ground base observations to two chemical schemes in WRF-Chem – The results for the winter and summer period


The forecasting system based on the WRF-Chem model and the GSI assimilation tool was applied for the first time over Europe. We aimed to evaluate the differences in impact of 3D-Var assimilation of PM2.5 ground base concentrations to different aerosol chemical schemes (GOCART and MADE/SORGAM) on modelled PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations and to assess the impact of data assimilation during the winter and summer period. For both seasons and both chemical mechanisms, the simulations with data assimilation give better results than the simulations without data assimilation. The improvement of the statistics between the simulations is higher for PM2.5 than for PM10 and the differences are bigger and last longer during the summer than during the winter season. Influence of data assimilation to different chemical schemes (GOCART and MADE) varies between the seasons, however we suggest further tests for different regions and seasons as the results might vary for different regions.

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