Sara Morris

Associate Scientist II (CIRES)

Global Radiation

Mailing Address:
NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Division
325 Broadway R/GMD
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: 303-497-4453

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My current position as an Associate Scientist II (Database Manger, Logistics Coordinator, Technician, and Researcher) has evolved and ingested many roles. My primary responsibilities include managing data sets for Arctic PSD observatories and baseline surface radiation GMD observatories where I am the primary NOAA-based data manager for these stations. I initiated the overhaul of the stations data-storage structures on the NOAA ftp-site while simultaneously establishing official data transfer processes. I support the operation of Arctic instrumentation through installation, modification, troubleshooting, repair, calibration, and basic understanding of electronic systems at these stations. I provide technical support, facilitation of data transfers, and maintenance for all of the instrument suites by managing incoming data streams and instrument operations. I continue to develop and evolve instrument “Datagrams” (a type of metadata) for technical, mechanical, and processing support that diagrammatically outline the flow of data from each instrument. I develop and manage several procedures for data transfers (maintaining data stream flow of Arctic instrument suites), and data archival (develop, implement, and maintain data stream organization structure). I heavily participate in metadata implementation to the IASOA project, through hand-authoring metadata into the IASOA portal and facilitating all IASOA Working Groups (Aerosol, Ozone, Transports, Flux, Radiation, and Data & Observations). Through IASOA I am also the co-lead of the Data & Observations Working Group. Most importantly, my current research focus includes investigating ground heat fluxes in the Arctic, and ice mitigation strategies for Arctic instrumentation (


B.A., Environmental Science w/ Emphasis in Climate, University of Colorado Boulder, May 2010
M.A., Physical Geography w/ Arctic Emphasis, University of Colorado Boulder, May 2018


Ground Heat Flux
Global Radiation
Arctic Surface Energy Budgets
Cold-hardening of Arctic instrumentation
Database Management