Arlyn Andrews

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Arlyn Andrews

Research Scientist

Carbon Cycle

Mailing Address:
NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Division
325 Broadway R/GMD
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: 303-497-6773

Arlyn Andrews

Arlyn Andrews is a research scientist in NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. She earned her Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Science from Harvard University in 2000 and then worked for a few years at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, where she contributed to the initial development of concepts for active and passive CO2 satellite sensors. Dr. Andrews has measured carbon dioxide from Earth’s surface to the stratosphere on a variety of airborne platforms, including NASA’s ER-2 aircraft -- a modified U-2 spy plane, and high-altitude balloons.

She joined NOAA’s Global Monitoring Division in 2003 and is currently responsible for a network of sites measuring carbon dioxide, methane, and related gases from broadcast towers, and she leads NOAA’s CarbonTracker-Lagrange regional modeling framework for estimating emissions of carbon dioxide and methane and biological uptake of carbon dioxide by terrestrial ecosystems. She served as a member or the Carbon Cycle Science Steering Group for the US Carbon Cycle Science Program. She is currently serving on the Climate Variability and Change panel supporting the Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications from Space (ESAS 2017).