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Summit Observatory Personnel Through the Years

Year Personnel
2015 Phase-II (Autumn June-October) Clair Von Handorf (PFS)
Neal Scheibe (NOAA)
Sam Dorsi (ICECAPS)
2015 Phase-I (Spring January-June) Yuki Takahashi (PFS)
Jason Johns (NOAA)
Sam Dorsi (ICECAPS)
2014 Phase-III (Winter October-February) Hannah James (PFS)
Lance Roth (NOAA)
Jennie Mowatt (ICECAPS)
2014 Phase-II (Autumn June-October) Dominique Paxton
Lana Cohen (PFS)
Sara Cohen (PFS)
2014 Phase-I (Spring January-June) Lance Roth
Alia Westlund (PFS)
Ward Handley (PFS)
2013 Phase-III (Winter October-February) Brandon Strellis
Jennie Mowatt (PFS)
John Lyons (PFS)
2013 Phase-II (Autumn June-October) David Benson
Shawntel Stapleton (PFS)
2013 Phase-I (Spring January-June) Heather Moe (NOAA Corps)
Ward Handley (PFS)
2012-2013 Winter II Brian "Rex" Nelson
Neal Scheibe (PFS)
2012-2013 Winter I Lance Roth
Jennie Mowatt (PFS)
2012 Summer Andy Clarke
Elizabeth Morton (PFS)
2011-2012 Winter III Christine Schultz (NOAA Corps)
Adam Maerz (PFS)
2011-2012 Winter II Shannon Coykendall
Lance Roth (PFS)
2011-2012 Winter I Christina Hammock (PFS)
Sonja Wolter
2011 Summer Lance Roth
Marie McLane (PFS)
2010-2011 Winter III Adam Maerz
Patricia Sanders (PFS)
2010-2011 Winter II Ben Gross
Shannon Coykendall (PFS)
2010-2011 Winter I Adam Maerz
Katrine Gorham (PFS)
2010 Summer Lana Cohen (NOAA) and Andy Clarke (NOAA)
Elizabeth Morton (PFS)
2009-2010 Winter III Sonja Wolter
Christina Hammock (PFS)
2009-2010 Winter II Katie Koster
Glenn Grant (PFS)
2009-2010 Winter I Katie Koster (PFS)
Johan Booth
2009 Summer Steve Munsell (PFS)
Lana Cohen
Kat Huybers (PFS)
2008-2009 Winter III Amy Cox (NOAA Corps)
Kat Huybers (PFS)
2008-2009 Winter II Kat Huybers
Lora Koenig (NASA)
2008-2009 Winter I Andy Clarke
Katie Koster (PFS)
2008 Summer Steve Munsell(PFS)
2007-2008 Winter III Kat Huybers (PFS)
Patrick Cullis
2007-2008 Winter II Lana Cohen (NOAA)
Karen Malesky (PFS)
2007-2008 Winter I Howie Tobin (PFS)
Kathy Kaldor (PFS)